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Travel is my happy addiction. I love winter in Saint Petersburg, with snowflakes muffling the houses in a soft, white quilt ; spring in Paris enjoying the first coffee on a sunny terrace ; summer on the Baltic Sea with it's striped strandkorbs ; or autumn under the orange leave ceiling in Kyoto's gardens. Travel fills me up with new colours, textures, flavours and humours, which I translate in my drawings. Languages are my passion : speaking German (native), French (chosen second home), Russian (born in GDR) and English (quite useful for travelling), I love to find new words and senses on my voyages. I always follow the opposite direction to tourist guides. Yes, there still are Venetians in Venice (just not on piazza San Marco). I'm not afraid of jetlag (proven on a working trip from Noumea to Papeete and twice round the world). I enjoy the sense of thoughtful details proper to luxury hotels, their cuisine, like in Ko Samui where an Alsatian chef mixes foie gras with local scents. Beyond the 5* room with a stunning sea-view you can make beautiful discoveries, you just need to understand a bit why Kanaks are angry with Caldoches, the Who is Who in the red and green shirts, and the quirky mixture of buddhism and communism in Vietnam.

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. 

Feel free to get in touch.

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